Raymond L. Rimer

2/12/1914 – 1/7/2009

94, of St. Petersburg, died Wednesday, January 7, 2009, at Bayfront Medical Center. Ray was born and raised in Putnam County, OH, moved to Melbourne, FL in 1987 and came to live in St. Petersburg in 2003. He was a United States Navy veteran having served 1934-38 and 1942-45, and a retired letter carrier from Lima, OH. He is preceded in death by his wife of 52 years, Evelyn Rimer (Mobouck), and his brothers Laverne and Elmer Rimer. Ray’s surviving family includes a son, Michael (Kay) Rimer, Melbourne, FL; a daughter, Terry Rimer (Todd Germann), St. Petersburg, FL; grandchildren, Tonya Cary and Brian Rimer, and great grandson, Cole Cary, Melbourne, FL.

Florida Service

A Memorial Service will be held at 1pm on Saturday, January, 24 at Anderson-McQueen Funeral Home, 2201 Dr. MLK St. N. (727-822-2059). Donations may be made to Hospice, the charity of your choice or to Holy Name of Jesus Building Fund in his memory.

Ohio Service

A Memorial Service will be held at 11 am on Saturday, July, 25 at the Ottawa River Church of God, 18906 Road 18-R, Rimer, OH (419-659-2106). Donations may be made to Hospice, the charity of your choice, or the Ottawa River Church of God in his memory.


Friends & Family Reflect

I am so sorry to hear of Ray’s passing. We loved him. I have pictures of when he taught Nason how to walk, remember? What a wonderful friend, father and husband. He and Eve are together once again.

Love you,


Our deepest sympathies are with you.  You are correct, “Everybody loved Raymond!”

Lynda and Steve

My deep sympathies, Terry. He was a grand guy!


Our deepest sympathy to you. 

What a gentle, delightful man.  I’m so glad we got to see and visit with him at Thanksgiving.  Bill commented again about him being such a nice guy.  He’ll surely be missed and grieved but how fortunate you were to have him so many years and always thoroughly enjoyed him.  What a blessing for him to enjoy such a long life and be able to enjoy most of it until the end.  

We send our love.  

Winnie and Bill

When we spent time with Ray I experienced what a wonderful person he was
and I will always be grateful for that experience. I’m grateful that he did not suffer and that he left peacefully, and with dignity. I will always remember him as a warm, caring person.


Monique, Noel and Kalina

…has been a bad week for Straub Court.
My deepest sympathies go out to you and Todd. Ray was a wonderful gentleman and lived a long and fruitful life. We will miss his gentleness in the courtyard.



I really enjoyed meeting your father when I was in Florida a year or so ago.  He was such a sweet man.


I don’t even know what to say. Ray was such a wonderful man…I feel honored to have known him for the short time that we did.  He clearly loved and was loved by many of us. 

Peace to Ray.


Ray was quite a man.  In the times we spent together, I enjoyed his company immensely.  He was a follower of news and thinker on public issues.  It was a joy to talk with him about events of the day.

I am grateful to having known him.


Our sincerest sympathy for your loss.  I was driving to Nashville today when I picked up your message.  After overwhelming sadness, I did manage to smile thinking about your dad – his incredible sense of humor, love for a good beer, and overall zest for life and all it has to offer.  I know you, and Todd will miss him terribly.

We are thinking about you … Love,

Jane and Kathy

Our hearts go out to you. You clearly loved, cared for, and treasured your father and his loss to you now must just be overwhelming. Please know that you are in our thoughts and we send our deepest love and support.

We feel very blessed and thankful that we got to know Ray. We will also miss him…

All our love,

Bill and Dale

The world is a sadder place with out Ray in it. I am sure he is enjoying the peace he has now- far from the constant invasion of the medical world. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


Brady & Tom

I was so sorry to hear about Ray. What a wonderful, loving guy and I know you will be bereft but what a great, long and fulfilled life he had and I am certain he decided when it was time. My sincere sympathies to you both.

Very best wishes


I am so deeply sorry…..words cannot express my sorrow for your loss & ours.  You are correct, Ray will be missed by all of us who loved & admired him.  I regret that I didn’t listen to my heart & drop by your place earlier this week to give him that one last kiss

Our thoughts are with you, Todd & your family.

Vince & Elizabeth

We are so sorry to hear about Terry’s  Dad’s passing.  We will always remember him from our Windstar cruise together; he surely loved having a good time.  I know you will take comfort from your many memories and the loving family circle you had together.

Best wishes and in sympathy for your loss,

Sandy and Jim Packer

I am so sad that Ray has gone. I know it was time and it was best for him and everyone he left behind. But we’ll miss him. There he was every day on the stoop or coming back from his forays to watch the construction down the street.He loved to play with Brenna and always stopped to fondle our dog. I learned about his life as a postal worker and about how much he loved you, and in turn, felt so loved by you. You’d think this old man would be grouchy, but no, he never was. What a great smile!

We need people like your dad. People who can grow to great age without being just dust. He was really someone and it was so wonderful that he shouldered his years with grace and all his faculties intact.

You’ll grieve for a long time, and then you’ll come to a place where you have those old memories of him strike you. (Dad always said.. I remember how Dad did this..)

I look up at the stars tonight, so brilliant and shimmering, and I think that Ray’s star has been added to the galaxy.
And for those of us still here, I am going to plant a magnolia tree in his honor. A magnolia lives a very long time, like those venerable sea turtles. You will always be welcomed when you come to visit it.
Terry, you are magnificent. Celebrate it!



Meeting Ray over the years was a blessing for me.  We joked and laughed and he called himself “my secret pal” for which I was flattered.


I want you to know that when we started to carry mail there had only been 3 gals carrying.  Mickey Roberts, Geneva, and Mattie.  When Pam, Patty, and I started most of the guys did not like the idea that these younger gals were getting the jobs.  Your Dad trained me and I carried with him about 3-4 days.  He took me to the HiGrade restaurant and started me on a tradition that lasted till that little diner closed.  I have remained friends with the gals who ran that diner even now.  He also kept a young rookie from getting discouraged and encouraged me when some of the men were real pains.  I always tried to past along his lessons and kindness when I got the job of training the new people.  He was a class act and we all were better for knowing him. 



I immediately liked him the first time I met him, he was straightforward and had a great sense of humor.


A wonderful person left us, he was always happy, didn’t complain.
We only saw and met him a few times, but he left an indelible impression in our spirit.

You and the family lost a good father, but the Angels, they get a fighter.
Luc and Christa

Ray was truly was one of the “greatest generation”.  His recollection of dates and activities was amazing. 


Ray was a fine, charming, and elegant gentleman. 

George and Hilda

When I think of Ray – I have to smile – he always had something funny and cute to say to me.  What a wonderful man.  At your rehearsal dinner, he was looking at me and I said, “I’m Barb, Terry’s friend.”  He said, “I know who you are! I was just trying to remember how many colors your hair has been.” 


We will all miss seeing Ray’s happy face and demeanor around Straub Court. 


I appreciated how good Ray was to my mother, Leola, driving her back and forth to Florida.  And when he flew to be with us on her 90th birthday – that was unbelievable. 

Lynn and Theron

We will miss seeing and visiting with your sweet father at our bench.  We enjoyed his friendship very much.  He will be missed and thought of often. 

John and Katelyn


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